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Gravure technologies impress all Users!

Non-solvent-recycling Heat recovery Drying system
PhoeniX Dryer

Energy Saving Drying system K2 Dryer

Energy Saving Drying system  K2 Dryer

Original Technologies

Original Technologies
Original Technologies2



SynchroCool significantly improves web streight runnning even during speed acceleration and constant high speed operations.



ZIZAI-MAKI allows rewinding with various conditions according to material types, rewinding speed and print design pattern.
Operators can select Narrow-width, Wide-width, Touch roll or Side discs rewinding to achieve desired rewound web rolls.

Accumlator splicing

Orient Original Accumlator can be applied to laminated web materials splicing, thick web or even PE tube.
Wrinkle-free rewinding splicing brings you new level of high quality production.

Premium quality Guide rollers

Guide rollers, which play are critical part in register matching and Web handling are 100% processed in house.
Every pieces is inspected to ensure perfect dynamic balance.

3D analysis and design

Utilzation of 3D CAD and CAE system enhance our Computer simulation about various mechanisms and ensure more theoretical designing works beyond experience based engineering.

Orient Original IT / IoT

A variety of machineries and devices are integrated with digitally.
This enables real time productivity-maintenannce, production control and data analysis.
We are constructing an alliance in flexible packaging to provide better services.