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Weight Drop Type Gravure Viscosity Controller

Ink Viscosity Controller

Weight drop viscosity measurement controller optimizes ink conditions.


Adopting the way weight-drop method is more reliable by direct ink contact.
RaQ saves ink and solvent in the gravure printing process.

Gravure Ink Viscosity Controller RaQ2

Visco Measurement Weight-Drop Method
Visco Control Range 13-22 sec (Zahn Cup #3)
Pump Type Non-Lubricate Diaphragm Pump
Ink Circulation Max 7L/min
Air Consumption Max 100L/min (0.5MPa)
Power Consumption 10W (100/200V)
Operation Touch Screen
Dimension (L)293 X (D)244 X (H)539mm excld.Solvent Tank
Weight 30kg