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Sectional Drive System

Core-technology of Gravure Printing Press.
It adds a new page to the history of Gravure.

The Sectional drive system Type VLS has finally evolved to the Compensator-free contorol, which is more than an alternative of the Line-drive-shaft. It has drastically improved register performance, shortened down-time and significantly reduced waste. These dramatic improvements could not have been accomplished without this technology.

Sectional Drive System

Sectional drive system surely contributes far better productivity and quality.

The sectional drive system Type VLS has been achieved by the fusion with highly-accurate mechanical elements (hardware) and innovative control system (software). AC Vector Inverter, which is called the most suitable control method to Gravure printing press, runs Smart and Compact drive control system.

Finer register performance

Fast start-up register, quick following as the line speed increases stable at constant speed operation… at all phases of Gravure printing, it shows outstanding register performance. Especially, Compensator-free system that implements the feed-forward control works as if each printing cylinder had its own intelligence.

Compensator-free register performance

Compensator-free register performance
※Image from Dt-2000 operation screen / ※Speed 180m/min, OPP25μm, 5-color print

Shortening changeover time

Shorttening changeover time

It enables concurrent changeover-work at no-used printing units during actual printing operation. Moreover, a certain Printing unit can withdraw from the line speed, for example to fix cell-clogging, and return to the line speed by maintaining register very precisely.

Multiplier effect with Water-based gravure printing

The Sectional drive has become “must-have”technology due to Unit- Skipping-Printing, which is inseparable from CMYKW fixed process color printing that drastically improves work efficiency of Water-based printing. The shortened web pass length by the Compensator-free also supplements the extended dryer pass length.