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KANRYU-type Drying system

Proposing Compact and Less expensive VOC process system

Low air flow – high VOC concentration exhaust “KANRYU” drying

As a machine builder we propose Low airflow exhaust printing press.

Low air flow - high VOC concentration exhaust「KANRYU」drying system

Conventional Dryer – Disadvantages

Conventional Dryer required high volume air flow so that VOC density level was significantly reduced requiring huge VOC processing system. With several printing presses the Dryer system had to be huge.

Problem 1:Growing huge
Huge air volume-Gravure printing press requiring Low density VOC requires the VOC process system to become huge
Problem 2:High investment
Implementing the VOC process system requires equivalent investment as the machine
Problem 3:Space
Space for installation is limited in many cases

Orient introduces New Drying system

To solve these problems the Dryer box is split into 2 rooms. This succeeded in significantly reducing the energy cost. Installation to current machine is possible (by advance inspection) with safety and liability proven.

Orient introduces New Drying systemOrient introduces New Drying system

“KANRYU” K2 Dryer and VOC process system

By implementing “KANRYU” system not only downsizes the VOC process system but also provides benefit for safety operation, low cost and furthermore contributes to the environment.

  • Benefit 1:40% reduction of energy cost of the Dryer
  • Benefit 2:Reduction of exhaust by 40-50% allows downsizing of the VOC process system
  • Benefit 3:Natural temperature gradient from 1st half to 2nd half provides Drying efficiency
  • Benefit 4:Solvent concentration is constant even with long job printing