A new shape of flexo printing press to co-exist with gravure printing
in the flexible packaging market.



New era of flexo SWIM concept by Orient

  Super short run/Middle-web width

Xpress changes super short-run job items into a profitable market by adopting max web width 600mm and by refocusing the advantages of flex printing e.g. simpler plate-making process, space-saving for plates preservation. lower ink and drying energy consumption.

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  Water-base ink/In-line unit type

Flexo's water-base ink demands are expanding as a reliable solution to packaging safety, retaining smell and VOC regulations. Orient has utilized the know-how of water-base ink handling in gravure printing for the flex printing press and it also inherits the in-line unit type maintaining user-friendliness. This very different design concept from CDI press to be the new shape of flex printing launched from Japan.


In-Line unit type … Human work efficiency with Inline type press is superior to CDI type press

Kiss-touch control

Very precise ink-transfer control with 1/100mm scale positioning has been accomplished with accurately processed parts, sophisticated assembling skills and innovated Servo technologies.

Gearless control

Sectional drive technology from gravure printing is implemented to Xpress. Having achieved the accuracy and registration level as CDI with experience of web handling over the years


Flexo printing have difficulties of surface drying with halftone dot printing. By locating the Anirox and printing cylinder on opposite side of the dryer resolved the drying problem from leakage of hot air blowing on the surface of the cylinder.


Inline middle web printing machine

Xpress Basic features

Mechanical speed 170 m/min Cylinder circum 280~600 mm
(Stepless repeat)

Web width

300~600 m Contact pressure

Servo motor numerical control

Printing unit Inline unit / sectional (gearless) drive Drying system

Hot air drying(electricity, LPG, Steam)

(6 color straight type)


※Specification subject to change without notice

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